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Theistic Evolution

The "real" unbias examination between the Creation and Evolution controversy.

As the name suggests, this is a website about Charles Darwin's theory of biological evolution and the religious controversy it has created as a consequence. Many people today have perceived that evolution contradicts all religious belief, particulary the belief in an Ultimate Creator, whom we generally refer to as God. Indeed, it is seen that religious theists, mostly Christian, are completely inseperable from Creationism, the belief in a literal 6-day creation of the universe, our planet, and all life as stated in the book of Genesis, the very beginning of the Bible. In contrast, evolutionists might be seen as "godless" atheists who are out to eliminate religious belief till it becomes null to our society and culture.
Do religious beliefs and theistic perceptions of life depend on a literal interpretation of Genesis as Creationists believe? The answer, to put it simply, is NO! If this were true, then Deists would be logically forced to accept Creationism. Regardless if a person believes in a personal or impersonal God does not matter, the Theory of Evolution does not at all contradict a rational belief in God. Here we will examine both religious and scientific perspectives on the origin of the universe and our biological ancestry. We will examine Creationism and religion, secular humanism and atheism, and finally, science and the Theory of Evolution.


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