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Theistic Evolution

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The nailed coffin of Creationism

Although Creationism is based on unscientific precepts and can therefore be immediately rejected in its scientific interpretations of natural phenomena, it sometimes requires a knowledge of technical details in science to utterly refute some of the more "in-depth" Creationist claims. However, there are also major key points so simplistic (both scientifically and theologically/biblically) that there is absolutely no chance of such arguments having any strength in holding water on their own. These 'key points' are what could be considered the 'nails' in the coffin of Creationism.
The Global Flood
Why do so many people consider the idea of a global flood ("the Global Flood" to Young Earth Creationists) "lunancy", "stupid", and "ludicrous"? It's because you do not require a background in the field of geology to understand why a global flood is physically impossible and could not have happened in any given past circumstance. A basic knowledge of chemistry will reveal to you all that you need to know:

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